"Larelini" is the only company in Latvia that deals with flax fiber processing - a traditional national trade at modern level. It is a private company with more than 350 workers.
So, we are specializing in flax processing, linen yarn production and linen fabric weaving. Wet type of spinning machinery is used.
The yarn can be in white and gray colors, the possible assortment is from 46 to 167 tex

We can produce 80 000 kg of yarn per month.
The production capacity of our weaving department enables us to produce 400 thousand meters of half-linen and linen loom-state fabrics per month. The produced fabrics can be in natural gray color, white color, as well as dyed ones.
Using our yarn we produce:
  • technical fabrics, weight - 500 g/m2
  • fabrics for table and bed linen, weight - 200 g/m2
  • costume and dress fabrics, weight - 155 g/m2
We have our own sewing department and that enables us to produce ready-made goods:
  • bed-sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, tablecloths
  • towels, napkins (also with linen lace)
  • cords and ropes of different thickness
  • parts of working clothes
We also have finishing system for washing, bleaching, dyeing (min. 250 m).

We will appreciate good business contacts!